Iā€™m Karun Japhet

Human. Developer. Public Speaker.

Solution Consultant at Sahaj Software. International Speaker on Scaling Software, Testing and Continous Delivery.

About Me

Human. Developer. Public Speaker.

  • Name: Karun Japhet
  • Title: Solution Consultant
  • Employer: Sahaj Software

Karun is a technologist at Sahaj Software and has experience delivering large enterprise scale projects in various domains like finance, telecommunication, energy and gaming using different technology stacks including Java, Scala, .NET and Ruby.

Karun helps and guides teams to deliver quality software following Agile principles and also a consultant who advices clients on their technical and architectural decisions.

Karun is also an international public speaker who regularly speaks about building scalable and testable software platforms and continuous delivery at scale.

Recent Projects

Here are some of the recent projects I worked on

  • Out of Home Marketting Campaign Optimization

    April 2019 - Present

    Build a data platform to provide audience and frame insights to help optimize out of home advertisement campaigns.

  • Global Data Platform

    March 2018 - March 2019

    Help build a scalable data platform that acts as the source of truth of financial and non-financial information for customers at one of the world's largest financial institutions. The data platform is meant to scale horizontally across the the world with regional deployments to provide scalability while also abiding by regional data privacy constraints.

  • Event Driven CQRS platform SDK

    Sep 2017 ā€“ Mar 2018

    Worked on team to build a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the core of a platform providing starter kit to integrate with organizational Cross Functional Requirements (CFRs) to allow for application scalability using industry standard specs for each requirement.

    This allows the organization to make changes to cross cutting changes to the core requirements of all systems involved without having to make changes to a business application except the consumption of a newer SDK.

  • Machine Learning platform

    Jun 2017 ā€“ Sep 2017

    Built a Machine Learning (ML) platform that allows data scientists to rapidly iterate and develop new ML models and deploy them using standard continuous delivery principles. The platform allows the business to evaluate the performance of multiple models real time and select which ones actively make decisions.

  • Financial operations platform

    Jun 2017 ā€“ Sep 2017

    Leading and developing a solution for the new platform which is a business-critical core for the day to day functioning of the bank's current business as well as to enable them launch future lines of business. The CQRS and event sourced banking platform allows them to manage multiple products and future lines of business on a single highly horizontally scalable system.

    Lead the development team managing third party integration through a generic highly available and scalable gateway service.

    Also developed other solutions which include developing new features, migrating legacy applications and introducing automation test strategies. The assignment also involved introducing modern tools, frameworks and design paradigms to existing systems.

    Worked on a number of engagements which included both on and offsite work where he was responsible to evangelize XP practices.

Contact Me

Pune, Maharashtra
India - 411014

(+91) 95456-12089